We had heard whispers that Apple was preparing to sell its iPhone 5 unlocked in the United States, and shortly after the Cupertino company pushed out iTunes 11 on Thursday, the devices began to appear in its online store. Compatible with GSM networks only, the unlocked iPhone 5 gives customers the option to obtain the device without a new service plan.

That means if you already have a contract with plenty of time left on it, you can simply get a new nano-SIM from your provider and put it inside the iPhone 5. As you'd expect, however, unlocked iPhone 5 handsets are significantly more expensive than those that are subsidized by a carrier.

Prices start at $649 for the 16GB iPhone, then rise to $749 for the 32GB model. If you want the maximum amount of storage, you can get the 64GB model for $849.

The unlocked iPhone 5 comes to the U.S. less than a week after Apple brought the handset's shipping time down to just one week.

Will you be picking up an unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple, or is it just too pricey?