If you want to buy an iPhone 4S from Apple, now you need a reservation. In order to cut down on long lines and disappointed customers, the retailer is now requiring customers to reserve an iPhone 4S on its website to pick up in the store the next day.

Reservations open online at 9 PM each evening for the stock that will be available in the store the following morning. Customers can reserve their handset from home, and then show up at the store the next day to set it up with a carrier and take it home.

Handsets that are not reserved each day will be sold to walk-in customers on a first-come-first-served basis, however, given the phone’s popularity chances are the remaining supply will be pretty low for those customers if not non-existent.

Do any of you not have n iPhone 4S, but are planning to get one soon?

[via MacRumors]