Apple offered us a quick look at its news-reading app last week during WWDC, but we’re still not sure exactly how the new service will work behind the scenes. Now we may have a much better idea thanks to a job listing for Editor of Apple News.

It turns out that the app won’t simply use algorithms or a basic RSS feed to serve up your daily news. Instead, Apple admits it needs “knowledgeable editors” to help track down breaking news as it happens. The editor position also involves working directly with top media companies and developing an email newsletter.

Interestingly, the listing also includes social media skills as a requirement. Specifically, the editor will need to track breaking news online and help deliver it, suggesting Apple could try to share some stories before they’ve even been written up by major publishers.

Apple notes that beyond breaking news it also wants to highlight “compelling stories unlikely to be identified by algorithms.” That content may also come from both small and large newsrooms, though it looks like the company will put an emphasis on partnering with major media outlets.

Overall, News actually sounds like a pretty interesting service, though that may all depend on how quickly new articles show up in the app. If Apple can actually deliver breaking news and interesting stories before anyone else it may have another hit on its hands. If not we doubt most people will continue to check in with Apple News after the first few weeks.