Apple announced this week that, over the next few years, it'll significantly expand its operations in the United States. While Cupertino will remain the location for its headquarters, the company confirmed several parts of the country where entirely new campuses or larger offices are set to open.

With doors opening throughout the U.S., Apple expects its workforce to gain 20,000 jobs by 2023. It would mean more than 100,000 domestic employees are on the payroll if Apple continues expanding as intended. As for the rest of the world, somewhere around 40,000 international employees are contributing to Apple's success.

The locations where new campuses or offices are planned include Austin, Culver City, San Diego, and Seattle. In fact, Texas' state capital will get a $1 billion investment from Apple. Meanwhile, the other cities are due to get "new sites" to improve workflows.

In Boulder, New York, and Pittsburgh, Apple says it'll strengthen existing offices for the next three years. Hundreds of jobs are scheduled to be added.

It's quite clear that Apple's aiming to put pressure on current and future competitors. The semiconductor industry has a strong presence in Southern California as well as Texas. Though tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, chipmaking and cloud computing are popular in Seattle and the surrounding region.

Don't sleep on Culver City, either. Apple might be landing there to produce original programming for its upcoming video streaming service.

The long-term goal could be to become a self-supplier. Apple's poaching talent from other companies, and a large amount of its resources are going toward areas like research and development for chips of all types. Nothing has been confirmed, but too many signs are hinting at Apple's desire to cut loose as many suppliers as possible and widen its margins throughout its portfolio.