Apple is prepping a new chip for Mac laptops, according to Bloomberg, and it could show up in an upgraded MacBook Pro later this year.

Known internally as T310, the chip is being designed to work alongside an Intel processor, handling low-power mode functionality. Bloomberg’s report likens the chip as being similar to the one that powers the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar.

Apple’s supposed longterm goal is to break away from Intel, which supplies chips for its Mac lineup, and the T310 is another step toward achieving that goal. The Cupertino company already produces processors for its iPhones and iPads, and it made another chip, dubbed W1, for its AirPods.

Bloomberg claims the new chip will be utilized when Apple’s laptops are in low-power mode, which allows the machine to fetch email, install software updates, and more. The current configuration uses very little power but Apple’s chip will apparently conserve even more battery.

Additionally, the report says the new chip will power storage and wireless components, freeing Intel’s processor up for more intensive tasks.

Will it be included in anew MacBook Pro with Intel’s Kaby Lake?

It’s unclear when Apple is expected to introduce the new chip to its lineup of laptops. A previous Bloomberg report said the Cupertino company was working on an upgraded 12-inch MacBook along with a new iMac. Perhaps we’ll see a Mac-focused event at the end of this year, which could also feature a more powerful MacBook Pro.

Previously, reports suggested the new MacBook Pro would feature Intel’s Kaby Lake chip and support up to 32GB of RAM.