If you signed up for Apple Music at launch you’re still in the middle of the company’s generous three-month trial. However, a new report reveals that almost half of the people who tried Apple Music have already abandoned the music streaming service.

A study from MusicWatch focused on the U.S., reveals that 48 percent of people who signed up for Apple Music have already stopped using it. The survey notes that while 77 percent of iOS users are aware of the new streaming service, only 11 percent have actually tried it.

MusicWatch also notes a large number of people using both Apple Music and a competing service. 28 percent of Spotify Premium listeners have tried Cupertino’s alternative, though only 11 percent of non-paying Spotify users checked out Apple Music. That number is even lower for Pandora fans at just 6 percent.

“That’s the disadvantage of not being the first mover in a market where very good services currently exist,” said Russ Crupnick, a managing partner at MusicWatch.

The numbers don’t look great for Apple, though the company seems confident that it can find success in the music streaming market. According to MusicWatch about two third of Apple Music listeners say they’ll keep using the service, though 61 percent have already shut off the auto-renewal option. What actually happens once that free trial ends remains to be seen.

Update: Apple has given a statement to The Verge regarding the survey, saying 79 percent of people who signed up are still actively using the service.