iOS Radio buy buttons leak

Want to learn more about Apple’s future? Simply look into the crystal ball of jailbroken iPads. You might find information regarding the company’s fabled streaming service, which we’ve heard bits and pieces about for the past several months.

According to 9to5Mac, deep beneath the iPad music app in iOS 6 are hidden “radio button” files containing the word “buy.” A similar radio logo button briefly appeared in iTunes for Mac, suggesting Apple is quietly inputting assets into its products. 

A number of reputable outlets have claimed the iPhone maker has a Pandora and Spotify competitor in the works, so perhaps we’re seeing evidence of such a service. Apple’s largest obstacle was reportedly closing deals with record labels, but no word has come through on whether or not things were squared away.

Initial reports said Apple’s mysterious service could launch during Q1 2013, meaning an announcement could come at any time now. With Mobile World Congress on the horizon, perhaps Apple is waiting to send out invites once that big event gets underway. Not long until we find out.