We finally got an official look at Apple Music on Monday, but the unveiling was a little short on details of how the paid streaming service will actually work. Now the specifics are starting to trickle in, and it’s not all good news.

First the good: Apple Music’s paid tier will support offline listening, meaning you can download streaming tracks and listen to them later without an Internet connection. That’s a pretty common feature among Apple’s music streaming competition, so we’re happy to hear Cupertino isn’t missing it.

Now for the bad news. It turns out Apple can’t actually offer streaming for every single track available on iTunes. It comes pretty close, but still misses some artists including The Beatles. It’s unclear if that’s set to change anytime soon, though Apple Music already offers one thing Spotify can’t: Taylor Swift. If you have any Beatles music saved to iTunes or loaded onto your phone you’ll still be able to play it from the Apple Music app, which combines streaming, MP3s and radio in one place.

Unfortunately, the company’s onstage promise that you’d be able to stream everything the iTunes Store has to offer was too good to be true, though the company may still be negotiating some of those deals. Either way, we’re excited to try out Apple Music, even if it doesn’t include access to the Fab Four.