Apple dropped some pretty big news this weekend, confirming that it would pay streaming royalties during the free trial for its new music service. That’s good news for musicians, but the Cupertino company still hasn’t revealed a few key details.

Specifically, we still don’t know how much Apple will pay artists during its three-month trial, The Wall Street Journal noted recently. Instead, Apple has only said it will pay artists something. The company previously said it would offer slightly better rates that Spotify, but that may change after its recent U-turn decision.

Of course, Apple can easily afford to pay full royalties, even if it isn’t making any money off Music during those first few months. But that doesn’t meant the company won’t try to save on costs, and we may not know the specifics until the service actually launches later this month.

It’s also unclear if Taylor Swift, who pushed Apple to make the switch with a public letter, will stream her latest album, 1989, over the service. She hasn’t said anything on the matter either way. Swift may also be waiting to find out exactly how much Apple will pay per stream during Music’s free trial.