Apple’s upcoming subscription-based music service will reportedly put a lot of emphasis on social interaction. Specifically, the company is designing the service to be similar in execution to Apple’s failed iTunes Ping, giving artists a platform to share, promote and interact with fans. Think of a brand or celebrity page on Facebook, but filtered through a service focused on music.

9to5Mac says any user with an iTunes account will be able to like and comment on artists posts. So, yeah, it’ll be like its own mini social network, though individual users like you and I won’t have profiles. Instead, Apple Music, as it’s being referred to, will be all about the artists, a place where peons can worship immortals like Kanye West and Beyonce. While an artist’s activity will be a core feature of Apple Music, 9to5Mac says users can easily turn it off.

Of note, sources told 9to5Mac that Apple’s upcoming service will be available across iOS, Android and Mac, a rumor we’ve heard before. We’ve already seen bits and pieces of the service, beginning with a big redesign of Apple’s Music app in iOS 8.4, where the subscription service is expected to be integrated. All the while, Apple Music is supposed to retain the soul of Beat Music, which Apple acquired in its purchase of the company last summer.

Even with the arrival of Apple Music, the company is expected to keep iTunes Radio around, which is also said to receive an overhaul. With WWDC just around the corner, it’s likely Apple will detail the service there, though we’re not sure when it will actually launch.