Act shocked: Apple’s upcoming music streaming service is going to be based off Beats Music, and simply be referred to as “Apple Music.”

Shocker, right?

Like most Apple rumors, Apple Music has essentially been revealed in its entirety before the big reveal, which should be coming next week. According to a new report from the Financial Times, the service will indeed go head-to-head with Spotify, but will also feature a key component of Beats Music aimed at giving Apple’s service the opportunity to stand out.

The feature in question will ask listeners to choose the genres they’re most interested in, giving Apple Music the data it needs to tailor the service to a user’s preferences. If you like Classic Rock, Hip Hop and Classical, telling Apple Music should, in theory, result in a better experience for you.

The rumor follows a report that claimed Apple’s service would also have radio stations hosted by some of the biggest artists in the business. If any service can get the marketing and celebrity endorsement needed to take on Spotify, Apple Music is it. Tidal, another subscription-based service, has plenty of backing from some of today’s top artists, but nowhere near the marketing muscle and mindshare an Apple service would receive.

Apple Music is expected to cost $10 per month, putting it on a par with Spotify and other competitors. While we’re expecting to hear more about Apple Music next week, it’s unclear when the service will actually be available; there have been reports Apple is still negotiating with record labels.