Apple Music might need a new leader in the second half of 2018. As it continues chasing Spotify, there could be a shakeup as one key executive steps back from being at the helm.

The report that Jimmy Iovine would be exiting Apple this summer should turn out to be somewhat true. While the award-winning record producer won't completely leave the company, a new report from the Wall Street Journal suggests he'll serve as a consultant beginning in August. Apple and Iovine worked together to create a fast-growing music streaming service, and now the two sides are seemingly ready to let someone else lead the initiative.

Sticking around as a consultant will allow him to provide input based on years of experience but let Apple worry about day-to-day operations. Iovine joined Apple when the company purchased Beats Electronics in 2014. He, along with Dr. Dre, aided in the creation of Apple Music.

Iovine previously denied his rumored exit, though he admitted slowing down at his age (75) might be a good idea.

Other members from Beats who helped bring Apple Music into existence have since left the company. Now it's very much an Apple-run product. Iovine was reportedly handling only artist relations while Eddy Cue and his executives were actually hands-on with Apple Music.

There may have been a potential clash in cultures between Iovine's laid-back style and Apple's corporate structure.

Apple likely won't find itself losing momentum even if all of this is true. Its service for streaming songs on phones, tablets, and speakers is growing at a better rate than its rival.