What you need to know

  • Apple Music now boasts 60 million subscribers.
  • The service is the dominance streaming service in the Apple ecosystem.
  • It still lags behind Spotify's 100 million subscribers.

Apple Music has surpassed another subscriber milestone. According to Apple senior Vice President Eddy Cue, the service has surpassed 60 million subscribers — about a 10 million jump in the past few months.

Apple Music has achieved the staggering number despite being late to the game. In the four years since Apple Music's launch, the service has shown healthy growth, becoming the dominant music streaming service here in the U.S.

"I very much appreciate Music in its current state and its next version [in iOS 13] proves that the service can still be perfected," Cue said in an interview with French site Numerama.

Cue also revealed that Apple Music is the number one streaming service in the Apple ecosystem. That piece of intel should come as no surprise, since Apple Music comes preinstalled on every new iPhone, iPad, and Mac sold.

Despite continued growth, however, Apple Music still lags behind Spotify's subscriber base of 100 million. That's a massive difference, but considering Apple Music's continued growth, it won't be long before the services are neck and neck.