Apple Music is ready to migrate to CarPlay’s biggest competitor, Android Auto. The Apple music streaming service hasn’t added support for Google’s car infotainment system quite yet, but a new beta version of Apple Music adds integration with Android Auto, This will go a long way in knocking down yet another software wall Apple has long held to.

First reported by Android Police, Apple Music users can download version 2.6.0 of the app and get access to a new beta that offers integration to Android Auto. Once downloaded, when you go into the Android Auto interface and select the music service you want to use, Apple Music will now show up.

This marks the next major step for Apple in putting the success of Apple Music above its stance against Google. It already took the all-important step of making Apple Music available for Android users years ago, and now it is continuing to expand the support by increasing its functionality.

For as big as this next step is for Apple Music, Apple is still not ready to bring down all of the walls it has raised around its ecosystem. Apple Music still does not support Google Home or Chromecast. We’ll take the small steps of progress, but it still has a long way to go if it ever hopes to be the full-fledged music service Google users want.