Apple scored yet another victory in its ongoing streaming battle with Spotify, this time riding on the coat tail of Drake's latest album, Scorpion. Drake's newest album was streamed more than 170 million times during its first 24 hours of release, utterly shattering the previous record.

Prior to Scorpion breaking the single-day streaming record, Drake's previous album More Life held the record with 89.9 million streams. That number was handily mowed down by Scorpion and then some while continuing Drake's run of dominance with streaming numbers.

The record-breaking performance by Scorpion also took down Spotify, where it earned over 132 million streams, marking the most streamed album in a single day on the service.

Apple Music once again bested Spotify for streaming supremacy with Scorpion earning bigger numbers on its service. This follows its victories with Post Malone and J. Cole's albums earning more streams on Apple Music. With the latest Apple Music triumph, it continues to shed a light on Spotify's inability to convert its base that has 120 million more users than Apple Music into bigger streaming numbers.

In total, Drake's Scorpion amassed over 300 million streams in one day on both Apple Music and Spotify.