Apple has surpassed another impressive milestone as it continues to nip at the heels of Spotify. According to a report from Variety, the Cupertino company has surpassed 40 million paid subscribers, a jump of two million in just a few weeks.

Apple Music still trails behind Spotify’s 70 million subscribers by a wide margin, but estimates claim Apple is on pace to surpass Spotify here in the U.S. as early as this summer. For what it’s worth, Apple Music saw significantly more streaming traffic of The Weeknd’s latest EP compared to Spotify, which may signal a shift in power.

In addition to surpassing the 40 million paid subscriber mark, Variety reports the service has a new lead: Oliver Schusser. Schusser will report directly to Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president. Previously, it was confirmed that Jimmy Iovine would vacate his position as the head of Apple Music for more of an advisory role.

Schusser has been with Apple for 14 years, working on services such as the App Store, iTunes, iBooks, and Podcasts. Additionally, Schusser was said to be instrumental in Apple’s acquisition of Shazam.

Apple Music still has a way to go until it can catch up with Spotify. But with exclusivity deals and availability on iPhones out of the gate, the service is quickly becoming a major competitor in the streaming space. Having grown by two million paid subscribers in just a few weeks, it may not be a matter of if Apple Music can match Spotify, but when.