Apple iPhone 5s-VS-5c-5-Camera

Hot on the heels of the release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, Apple is now the most valuable brand in the world. New statistics published by Interbrand suggest it recently stole the top spot from Coca-Cola, which fell back behind Google to third place. IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, McDonald's, Samsung, Intel and Toyota brought up the rear, Interbrand said. A separate report published in May by BrandZ also dubbed Apple the most valuable brand in the world, though pegged Coca-Cola as a 5th place contender.

"Every so often, a company changes our lives, not just with its products, but with its ethos. This is why, following Coca-Cola's 13-year run at the top of Best Global Brands, Interbrand has a new No. 1 — Apple," the company said in its report.

Apple's brand is worth $98.3 billion, according to Interbrand, while Coca-Cola's brand is worth $79.2 billion. Interbrand's CEO Jez Frampton said Apple's increase can also be attributed to its focus on communications and how the company's marketing efforts have changed "how we buy" and "literally changed the way we live our lives."

Coca-Cola long served as the world's most iconic brand, largely because its products are sold in shops and vending machines around the world, though with Apple's focus on expansion, aggressive marketing, recognizable logo and hard hitting presence in both the mobile and desktop spaces, it's easy to see why it has been crowned the new ruler.