TYLT Phone Accessories-Y-Charger-Lightning Connector

Production for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has shifted into full gear as Apple prepares to release its new smartphones next week. Normally that would be good news for the smaller accessory-maker companies, but it might not be the case this year. Apple is apparently dominating supplies of Lightning connectors like never before, according to a report from 9to5Mac.

According to one manufacturer, Foxconn has reserved a ton of Lightning connectors for Apple products and a select group of accessory-making partners. For smaller companies that could mean missing out on sales this fall. Orders submitted as early as June are apparently being delayed, and even back channel suppliers are coming up short. One manufacturer even told 9to5Mac that it's not expecting to receive new Lightning connectors until early next year in January

It's unclear exactly what that means for the lucrative iPhone accessory market. You should still be able to find some accessories later this fall, though the variety could be lower than usual. This won't be an issue for standard cases, but anything that needs to plug into your phone from a manufacturer that isn't already close with Apple might be affected.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available for pre-order now, though we're hearing supplies are already limited especially for the bigger 5.5-inch smartphone.