iPhone 5s Gold, Black, Touch ID

Apple is reportedly in advanced discussions with credit card companies over a new mobile payment system, which could launch alongside the iPhone 6. According to a report from The Information, the Cupertino company's new system could allow iPhone users to easily pay for goods with their devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, rather than NFC—no physical cash or card would need to be exchanged. So far, Visa is reportedly onboard, with deals being worked on with other major credit card companies.

The Information says a user's entire banking information would be uploaded to the wallet, and that Apple's iPhone 6 would include a "secure element" to store this sensitive information. With something like Touch ID, Apple actually stores a user's fingerprint inside Apple's A7 chip, so the new payment method could use a similar method. The system, according to the report, would be operated without any carrier intervention, meaning Apple would ostensibly have full control.

This isn't the first time Apple has been linked with its own mobile payment service. As far back as 2012, Apple said it was taking a "slow and steady" approach, but rumors have heated up over the past several months, with a report from 9to5Mac claiming Apple was already chatting up major retailers. Additionally, a report back in April said Apple was "very serious" about mobile payments, and it sounds like the company is ready to unveil what it's been working on.

If indeed the service does launch with the iPhone 6, we could see something as early as mid-September. With the new iPhones expected to feature a more advanced Touch ID, and even Apple's iPads rumored to include the technology, now would seem like an opportune time to launch the mobile payment system.