4 Apple Core

CNBC is reporting that Apple will host a press event in New York City next week where it will unveil a quad-core powered iPad 3 with 4G LTE support. Other pundits aren't so sure it will occur in New York, however. Other rumors have suggested the iPad 3 will be equipped with a super sharp 2048×1536-pixel resolution Retina Display. If the event does indeed happen, you can bet this month's rent that we'll be covering the news live as it breaks.

[via CNBC]

UPDATE: CNBC now seems to be hedging its bets somewhat having removed a banner from their home page about the news.  Additionally, Jon Fortt was just on the financial network discussing the news and only referred to New York City as a "key location" for an upcoming product launch, but never saying that it is for the iPad 3.