We don't know how many iPhones Apple sold over the holiday quarter—Apple won't say so until tomorrow—but Verizon's figures may give us a good idea. Let's just say the company most likely sold more than the current Street consensus. So much for Apple hitting a doom and gloom patch.

According to Topeka Capital analyst Brian White, Verizon typically accounts for 11 percent of all iPhone sales. During the last quarter, the carrier hustled 6.2 million iPhone units out the door. So, taking that into account, White believes Apple maybe have sold 56 million iPhones in one quarter alone—tepid iPhone 5 demand and falling shares be damned.

White's estimation is just that.. an estimate, and relies on analysis and past performance. Street consensus believes Apple sold around 48 million during the holiday period, so there's definitely a huge disparity between opinions. If we go off Verizon figures, however, we may hear a very pleased Tim Cook when he unveils the final holiday numbers after the markets close on Wednesday.