iPhone 4S on top of box angled 8

Back in 2010, Gizmodo came under a lot of fire for acquiring a prototype of what later became the iPhone 4. Oddly enough, a nearly identical situation occurred just two months before the iPhone 4S was officially launched, when an Apple employee lost a prototype device at a San Francisco bar. Following a media frenzy, Apple quickly responded to the situation and reportedly reached out to the San Francisco Police Department for assistance in locating the missing prototype.

Controversy soon erupted when the San Francisco Police Department denied being a part of Apple’s investigation efforts and rumors began surfacing that the company’s investigators had impersonated police officers during their search. The SFPD later admitted to helping Apple search the home in which the missing prototype was thought to be located. The device was never found and the home’s owner Sergio Calderón threatened to file a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that their investigation team had posed as law enforcement officers, making the search of his home possibly illegal.

Now more than half of a year removed from this incident, Network World reached out to Calderón’s attorney David Monroe for an update on his client’s pending lawsuit. Refusing to comment on the matter, it is now believed that Apple has avoided time in court and has reached a settlement agreement with Calderón. Due to their involvement in this matter, the San Francisco Police Department conducted an internal investigation of the handling of this case, but details have yet to be released.

[via: Network World]