Apple Maps still isn’t as good as Google Maps. While we’re still waiting for the big update from Apple, the company recently rolled out a new feature that’s slowly bringing it up to speed. You can now view hotel reviews right inside of Apple Maps, thanks to integration with TripAdvisor and

Previously, a user could search for a hotel in Apple Maps and would be able to view photos and reviews pulled in from Yelp. Now, especially with TripAdvisor support, users will see plenty of content used for hotels. Typically, and this is just speaking from personal experience, I use TripAdvisor to check out hotels before I make a booking, so this update is particularly noteworthy for me. It’s good to know about the possibility of bedbugs before you plop down a few hundred bucks on a hotel room.

An AppleInsider reader was the first to spot the change, though I haven’t noticed the update on my end just yet. I’m still only seeing Yelp for various hotels that I’m checking out in Manhattan, for example. It should start hitting everyone soon, however.