Apple is planning to refresh its official wireless mouse and keyboard, according to a spilled FCC filing. The “Magic Mouse 2” appears alongside a new Apple wireless keyboard, both of which are expected to offer the latest Bluetooth technology.

Both devices are likely to look the same as the existing models — the size and shape of the new Magic Mouse hasn’t changed at all — but they should carry some nice improvements. 9to5Mac reports that both will boast Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connectivity.

Bluetooth 4.2 is faster, more secure, and more efficient than older Bluetooth technologies, which means you should get more use out of your batteries in between charges. What I’d really like to see, however, is built-in rechargable batteries, so I don’t have to keep buying more.

A recent leak on Apple’s website also hinted at backlit keys for its new wireless keyboard, and it’s thought we may see new function keys that are better suited to the new iPad keyboard controls baked into iOS 9. There also appears to be a small mystery switch on the keyboard’s top edge.


As for the new Mighty Mouse 2, there have been suggestions that it will offer Force Touch capabilities, allowing those with desktop Macs to use the new gestures in OS X. However, it seems Force Touch would work better in a new Magic Trackpad instead.

It’s unclear when Apple will launch its new mouse and keyboard. The company is expected to announce new iPhones on September 9, but it’s unlikely these devices will get a mention; they will probably just hit the Apple Online Store without warning when they’re ready to go on sale.