In an effort to further optimize battery life, Apple has begun testing a new feature that alerts users when their display is using significant power.

Spotted in the latest beta for macOS 10.12.3, “Display Brightness” now appears under the battery status indicator, which tells users which apps are “using significant energy.”

Apparently, the new feature kicks in when the system recognizes the brightness is cranked up over 80 percent. Clicking on the feature will reduce the display brightness to a more acceptable range, according to 9to5Mac.

You should know by now that your screen’s brightness has a big effect on your machine’s battery. But Apple’s new feature is a gentle reminder that maybe you should turn your brightness down, which should in turn extend your battery’s life—and your eyes—in the process.

Consumer Reports will like it

Apple was recently at the center of controversy after new MacBook Pro owners complained about poor battery life. Consumer Reports even refused to recommend the machine because battery life fell well below Apple’s estimated 10 hours.

However, a new update included in a recent beta release has apparently rectified any lingering issues, according to Consumer Reports, and the machine now falls well within its recommended range.

All of these new updates should arrive in a public release soon.