The Touch Bar isn’t the only new feature Apple introduced to its latest MacBook Pro. The company also debuted a new keyboard, which is said to feature a much-improved butterfly mechanism. But, according to multiple user complaints in Apple’s online forums, the keyboard isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

Apple describes the new MacBook Pro’s keyboard as being “meticulously refined for greater comfort and responsiveness.” Some users on Apple’s support forms, however, vehemently disagree.

Apparently, issues range from keys randomly repeating to high-pitched noises. Cult of Mac points to one user who had an issue with their “i” key repeating even though it was only pressed once.

Another user experiencing the same issue said, “This is a very severe issue / problem / bug especially if you’re coding, editing text or using Terminal as much as I do.” The same user said that turning the “Key Repeat” setting off does not fix the problem.

Other supposed issues include unresponsive keys and keys that have a non-uniform feel.

It’s unclear how wide-spread the issue is

A majority of user complaints reportedly concern the 15-inch MacBook Pro, though similar issues have been reported from owners of the new 13-inch model. For what it’s worth, we reviewed the 15-inch model and didn’t experience any issues.

The good news is that Apple has completely replaced affected models, according to users who have experienced issues, so if your keyboard is acting up, it’s worth taking into an Apple store.