Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook isn’t like the rest of the company’s laptops. The latest from Cupertino sports a single USB-C input instead of the usual mix of ports, and that means you’ll need to buy a bunch of adapters to get your existing gadgets to work with your laptop. Here’s all the new MacBook accessories Apple has to offer.

First up is a new 29W Power Adapter with its own built-in USB-C port for $49. You’ll need to combine it with a new USB-C charging cable ($29), though both the cable and the adapter are included with each new MacBook. You can also use the same cable to connect and share information between two USB-C machines. There’s a $19 extension cable for the adapter in case you need some extra length.

Apple is also offering two different $79 multiport adapters, which you’ll need to plug other types of cords into the new MacBook. The VGA adapter adds one port for VGA display, a second for standard USB, and a third Type-C port. There’s also a VA adapter, which swaps VGA for HDMI, while keeping the same standard USB and USB-C ports.

If you’re planning on plugging in any of your current devices (that’s anything from an iPhone to a non-wireless mouse or keyboard), you’ll need to pick up one of these new adapters to go with the new MacBook. The $79 starting price isn’t very cheap, especially considering you’ll need to drop at least $1,299 for the new MacBook.