It won’t be long before we see Apple’s revamped MacBook Pro. According to Recode, citing anonymous sources, Apple is planning to hold an event next Thursday, Oct. 27, in Cupertino.

Apple will reportedly introduce a few different Mac products, including its long-rumored MacBook Pro revamp. Previous reports allege the device will sport an OLED bar above the keyboard, which will dynamically change settings depending on the program a user is in.

It’s been several months since Apple introduced an update to the MacBook Pro line and just as long since the MacBook Air received some love. Hopefully, next week’s event will rectify that.

A report from earlier today suggested the MacBook Pro would ditch the traditional USB port and its MagSafe connector in the update; the 11-inch MacBook Air, meanwhile, will reportedly get the ax, too.

If indeed Apple does hold an event next week, expect invites to go out any day now.