As Apple struggles to improve battery life for its upcoming wearable, The Information reports the device might not be available until February or later. One source speaking to the site actually said Apple would be "lucky to ship" the device by Valentine's Day. That's not necessarily a surprise—Apple vaguely shared an "early 2015" release timeframe, but it wasn't any more specific than that.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company is willing to take its time before releasing new devices, and especially ones in new product categories. So when Apple says "early 2015," the company could mean March and beyond. It's unclear what obstacles are keeping the Apple Watch from launching, though reports say battery is one of the major issues Apple needs to address. Manufacturing enough units might also pose a problem.

The Apple Watch is allegedly being tested out in the wild by Apple employees already, though we don't know if these are just prototypes or finished units. The Information says one of the major hurdles right now is finishing the actual Watch OS, which was barely functional at Apple's iPhone event earlier this month and was limited to demo mode. It seems a lot of the hardware is ready for primetime—now it's just a matter of optimizing the software.

Jony Ive said the Apple Watch was his most challenging project, and Apple will no doubt want to get the project right when it finally launches. If that means pushing the release beyond February, Apple has no issue making that decision. When the Apple Watch does launch, it'll be available starting at $349.