Apple VS Samsung-6In the other case between Apple and Samsung — the one dealing with the Galaxy Nexus — the Cupertino company has allegedly amended its hitlist to include the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note. Will it never stop? Not likely, at least in our lifetime.

According to multiple reports, Apple has named 21 devices that hit the market from August of last year until present day. Most are run of the mill, or otherwise "old" by technology's standards, but it's the big names Apple has called out — S III, Note, Nexus, Note 10.1 — that will really infuriate the iPhone maker's opposition.

Apple scored a major legal victory over Samsung in August, and it will look to ride that tsunami of momentum until everything in its path is destroyed. If it successfully halted sales of the Galaxy S III, at least temporarily, it would be a big hit on Samsung because of how incredibly popular the device is worldwide.

Of course, Apple isn't the only one looking to throw its legal weight around. Samsung is reportedly lining up a strategic play that could see the company look to ban Apple's iPhone 5 when it hits in late September. The pressure is definitely on both companies, and it sounds like the nasty court battles are just getting started.

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[via TheVerge]