Apple iOS 6 Maps

Apple is currently on the hunt for Maps Ground Truth Local Experts, with multiple listings showing up on the company's job board. Back in June, at Apple's annual WWDC event in San Francisco, the company detailed many new Maps improvements coming to iOS 7, along with a standalone application coming to Mavericks, the latest big software update to Macs. But in order to make a truly competitive and accurate experience, the company will need your help, too.

In addition to amassing a crew of professional cartographers, Apple also wants to enlist every single iOS 7 user across the world. Upon initiating the latest iOS 7 build, users are asked if they want to Help Improve Maps, which will then integrate with a Frequent Locations feature so it can remember where you've been. That data is then displayed in a list so you'll better remember every place you've gone in the last week or more.

If you opt in to link that data to your Apple ID, you'll be able to more easily bring up directions to past spots; maybe last week's bar, or that restaurant you had dinner at. AppleInsider says that this not only benefits the user, but, by allowing Apple to constantly collect data, the service can more accurately estimate driving/walking/transit directions.

Earlier this year, Apple made two key acquisitions—Locationary and Hopstop—in order to provide a more competitive Maps experience. But with Google holding such a commanding hold on mobile mapping, particularly with its latest update for iOS and Android devices, Apple has a ways to go. The company is trying, that's for sure. We'll get our first taste of the company's efforts when iOS 7 hits later this fall.