Apple has quietly rolled out an internal “Quality Program” for the MacBook and MacBook Pro to replace worn anti-reflective coating. The company promises to replace Retina displays at no cost within three years from the date the notebook was purchased.

Back in March, MacBook owners began reporting that the anti-reflective coating on their Retina displays had begun to wear off, leaving strange patterns on the screen. It’s thought friction from the MacBook’s keyboard when the machine is closed, and cloths and cleaning solutions are the root cause of the problem.

For most users, the wear is isolated to small areas of the display — but for others it had spread across the entire screen. The issue appears to be a potential problem for all Retina MacBook Pro units manufactured since mid-2012.

Now an internal Apple memo confirms that the company will replace Retina displays affected by this problem free of charge, MacRumors reports. Its new Quality Program covers machines for three years from the date of purchase, or for one year from October 16, 2015 — whichever is longest. Those who have already paid to have their displays fixed may be eligible for refunds.

“Affected customers can book an appointment with a Genius Bar or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider to determine if their MacBook is eligible for coverage,” MacRumors adds. “Apple will not be posting the new Quality Program publicly on its support website, but should contact some potentially affected customers directly, according to sources.”

Since this issue was first discovered, thousands of affected customers have taken to the Apple Support Communities, other online forums, and social networks to share pictures of their damaged displays. Almost 6,000 have also joined an online database dubbed “Staingate,” and many have also signed a petition on calling for Apple to address the problem.