Apple doesn’t have a particularly strong presence on social media, but that hasn’t stopped the company from trying out a few different ideas over the years. Back in March, Apple launched a Tumblr page devoted to pushing the iPhone 5c, and now Cupertino is at it again with a new iTunes-focused Tumblr account.

The new Tumblr page is simple but sleek, offering a quick rundown of the best music, movies, TV and books of 2014. Each item comes with a photo or GIF, along with the option to share on Twitter, Facebook or right on Tumblr. Interestingly, there’s no direct link to buy any content from iTunes, though TechCrunch notes that Apple may also be placing iTunes ads on the social network in the near future.

Apple also recently launched an official Instagram account, where it’s been promoting iTunes content for the past few weeks. Again, there’s no direct link to buy anything. Instead, the goal seems to be simply raising awareness about what’s available on iTunes.

Earlier this year, Apple scooped up Musa Tariq, a social media expert who’d previously worked at Nike and Burberry. It’s possible these new iTunes pages could mark his first public efforts to bring the company up to speed with social media.

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