Apple has added another two TV ads to its YouTube page this week, promoting Siri on its new iPhone 4S. Called "Road Trip" and "Rock God," both 30-second clips show of various Siri features, such as finding directions, searching for places nearby, setting reminders, and sending text messages.

Just like most Apple ads, the latest two are evocative and heartfelt. They aim to give viewers a real sense of the iPhone's terrific user experience, rather than boasting about specifications that many users aren't really interested in.

I've been using Siri now since the iPhone 4S arrived back in October, but I still get impressed by Apple's ads for the digital assistant. I just wish the company would introduce support for local searches to the U.K.

Apple has released a number of Siri-focused adverts now, the most popular of which was debuted back in December and included a guest appearance from Santa Claus himself.

What do you think of the latest Siri ads?