Macbook Pro Family - 2013 - Press Image - Large

Apple continued its push towards Retina display today, announcing a new generation of revamped MacBook Pros and discontinuing all but one of its non-Retina models. A 13-inch MacBook Pro with an optical drive is still available through the Apple Store, while all other models now feature Retina Display and no built-in disc drive.

While the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in one model with a 500GB hard drive for $1,199, the cheapest Retina display model starts at $1,299 and goes up to $2,599 for the most expensive 15-inch version. That means Apple has discontinued its 15-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro with built-in optical drive.

Apple's decision to move away from built-in disc drives makes sense as we transition away physical discs towards cloud storage and downloadable content. The remaining 13-inch MacBook Pro may still be a hit with college students and other consumers looking for a low-cost option, but at just $100 under the cheapest Retina display model it just doesn't seem worth it.