Apple on Tuesday released the second beta for iOS 11.3, which developers can download as an over-the-air update. The update is Apple’s most significant software release since iOS 11 hit last September.

That’s because iOS 11.3 will introduce a number of big features, including the ability to disable throttling of older iPhone models. Additionally, iOS 11.3 features 4 new Animoji, Messages in iCloud, Business Chat for iMessage, and more.

Below are the release notes for iOS 11.3 beta 2.

New in Beta 2

iPhone X and iTunes 12.7.3

Starting with iOS 11.3 beta 2, users performing tethered updates or restores on iPhone X with iTunes require iTunes 12.7.3. Certain features, including Face ID, may not work as expected when using older version of iTunes. (36546243)

Messages in iCloud

iOS 11.3 beta includes Messages in iCloud for testing and evaluation purposes. Messages will prompt users to turn on Messages in iCloud on first launch after upgrading to iOS 11.3 beta. Please note that Messages in iCloud is automatically enabled for users who have two-factor authentication and iCloud Backup enabled.


To improve security, for a locked iOS device to communicate with USB accessories you must either connect an accessory via lightning connector to the device while unlocked or enter your device passcode while connected, at least once a week.

If you use iAP USB accessories over the Lightning connector (including assistive devices and wired CarPlay) or connect to a Mac/PC, you may therefore need to periodically enter your passcode if you have a passcode set on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Notes and Known Issues


Known Issues

• iOS 11.3 beta 2 doesn’t support iPod touch (6th generation). Support will be added in a future beta release.

3rd Party Apps

Resolved Issues

• Skype no longer crashes on launch or after sign-in. (36501124)


New Features

  • The default video capture format for ARKit in iOS 11.3 is 1080p. The default in earlier versions is unchanged. For more information, see the supportedVideoFormatsproperty.
  • Added support for vertical planes toARWorldTrackingConfiguration.PlaneDetection.
  • Added rough shape estimation of planar surfaces to ARPlaneAnchor.
  • AddedARSession.setWorldOrigintochangetheoriginoftheworldcoordinate system.
  • Added the ability to detect the position of a known image in the environment. For more information, see the Recognizing Images in an AR Experience sample code.
  • Apps can now opt into an interactive process to recover world-tracking state after anARsession is interrupted. For more information, see thesessionShouldAttemptRelocalization delegate method.Resolved Issues• ContinuingfromabreakpointwhiledebugginganARSessionnolongerresultsinVIO breaking. Visual objects placed in the world/anchor are now visible. (31561202)


Known Issues

• ClientsofNSURLSessionStreamTaskthatuseanon-secureconnectionfailtoconnect when an error occurs during PAC file evaluation and the system is configured for either Web Proxy Auto Discovery (WPAD) or Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC). A PAC evaluation failure can occur when the PAC file contains invalid JavaScript or the HTTP host serving the PAC file is unreachable. (33609198)

Workaround: Use startSecureConnection to establish a secure connection.Health

Known Issues

• In beta 1, Health Record accounts and data are not synced to Health in iCloud. This results in data from the device not syncing to other devices. (35431094)

Workaround: Remove and then add the iCloud account on the upgraded device to restore Health data.


New Issues

• The shared web credentials API always returns the error “Autofill disabled”. (36989569)


Resolved Issues

• Maps no longer crashes when tapping the “Destinations” UI while connected to CarPlay. (34862998)


Known Issues

• ThestartItempropertyofMPMusicPlayerMediaItemQueueDescriptorAPIis ignored resulting in the first song in a list being played for any request. (33567879)


Known Issues

• Some Messages threads may take longer to load than expected. (35394897)