Apple on Thursday confirmed it's making some big changes to its iPod lineup, proving once and for all the personal music player is on its last leg.

The company has discontinued the iPod nano and iPod shuffle from its website, with plans to remove the devices from its retail stores, too. The news marks the end of an era for two of Apple's most iconic music players.

Designed to be extra portable, the iPod nano and iPod shuffle were the perfect companions for exercising due to their small form factor. While many people still likely get good use out of them—I still have an iPod nano—their sales have no doubt lagged as consumers gravitate toward smartphones.

After all, both products have remained relatively unchanged since 2012, so it was always assumed they'd be phased out eventually. To be fair, in discussing it with other staff at TechnoBuffalo, we didn't even realize these devices were still being sold.

Apple also made changes to its iPod touch line, making the 32GB and 128GB the only options—and they're now cheaper, too. Now, you can get the 32GB iPod touch for $199 and the 128GB model for $299. That's a pretty hefty price for an iPod touch considering you can get a 9.7-inch iPad for $329 (with 32GB of storage).

With the iPod just barely hanging on, Apple has bigger fish to fry. The Cupertino company is rumored to release three new iPhone models later this year, including the high-end iPhone 8.