There was a lot of Apple news yesterday. So much so, some minor changes Apple made have been lost amid the shuffle. Chief among those changes is the discontinued PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that were announced less than seven months ago.

Apple has always had a working relationship with (RED) charity, offering cases and other products in available red options. The PRODUCT (RED) iPhone 7 was the first time Apple introduced the color option to its smartphone lineup.

It was a good looking device, but we were left wondering how much more awesome it would have looked if Apple slapped on a black display instead of white.

When the red options were announced in March, it seemed as if Apple was rapidly expanding the available options of iPhone colors. But with the new iPhone X and iPhone 8, it looks to be backtracking. The iPhone 8 is only available in three colors (Space Gray, Gold and Silver) and the iPhone X is only available in two colors (Space Gray and Silver). That’s a big decline over the six color options you could get the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, including the vibrant red color.

Earlier this week, there was a leaked video of a red iPhone 8. It’s possible Apple is just getting its ducks in a row before re-introducing the color option again at a later date. We’re crossing our fingers this is the case.