In an unexpected turn, Apple unveiled a new Pro Display XDR that is an absolyte beast. It measures in at 32 inches and offers a resolution of 6K.

The stunning Retina 6K display resolution will offer the best quality display Apple has ever offered. More so, it comes with a P3 wide color, precide calibataion, Extreme Dynamic Range and a 1 million to one contrast ratio. It also reaches 1,000 nits of sustained brightness and can reach 1.6K of nits.

Let's talk a little about the design. It comes in a full aluminum enclosure with an odd cheese grater like finish on the back. Four Thunderbolt 3 displays also live on the back and will be the main source of interaction with the display.

On the front lives the stunning 32-inch display that is almost bezel-less. There is only a small sliver running across all four sides that's quite different from the one found in the iMacs. That one has sizeable bezels with a big chin a the bottom to make room for the drivers and other parts. Apple is banking on the display to sell this product. It's unlike anything it has ever offered.

Apple did make some weird decisions, like not including the stand. That will be sold separately for an additional $999. That's kind of amazing, but the stand is cool. It comes with a completely moveable hinge that allows the display to be either in the standard horizontal mode or in a vertical position. Is that worth the extra money? That comes down to you.

The Pro Display XDR will start at $4,999, but that is without a stand. If you want a stand, you'll have to shell out an additional $999. Apple is also offering a new VESA mount for third-party stands for $199. It will be available for sale this fall.