Apple may soon be selling iPhones through the world's biggest cellular carrier, China Mobile. The network has long held out on supporting previous generations of iDevices, but earlier reports suggested that could change with the iPhone 5s and 5c. Now, it looks like Apple may finally gain a much-needed foothold in the emerging Chinese market.

A new job listing posted on Apple's Chinese website reveals the company is looking to hire a "Carrier Engineering Manager" who would work out of China. The employee would focus on gaining approval for the company's hardware and software, while also working directly with carriers on technology trials, technical issues and product roadmaps. This could apply to any of China's carriers—Apple already does business with several of the country's major players—but one qualification specifically indicates Cupertino could soon be doing business with China Mobile.

Apple notes that job applicants should have an in depth knowledge of a number of Chinese phone networks, including TD-SCDMA, which is used and operated exclusively by China Mobile. Of course, this isn't a guarantee that the two companies will soon be in business together. It may be up to Apple's new hire to seal the deal, but the job listing at least indicates that a contract with China Mobile is within Cupertino's sights.

In typical Apple fashion, a Beijing-based spokesperson did not respond to requests for a comment from Bloomberg, while China Mobile issued an official statement, confirming the two companies have been in talks, but added that "there is no information that can be disclosed." Apple CEO Tim Cook made several visits to China earlier this year to meet with the network's leadership, though he wasn't able to solidify a deal in time for the most recent iPhone launch last month.