Apple TV - Generic - 007

As our living rooms become more connected thanks to set-top boxes, smarter TVs and more powerful gaming consoles, the centralized space in our homes is also becoming a hub of communication. With the Xbox One we can Skype with loved ones around the world, and a simple add-on to a Smart TV can provide the same capability. So far, though, the Apple TV doesn't enable you to use FaceTime, or Skype or any other means of video-based chat. That may soon change.

A job listing spotted by AppleInsider  for an Algorithms Development Engineer suggests the company may be looking to add a camera to its set-top box. The job summary calls for someone to work on the camera team, which "provides the capture and camera foundation across all of Apple's innovative products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, iTunes and Mac OS." Several other listings for camera experts, including one for a camera tuning engineer, another for a camera tuning framework engineer and others, also list Apple TV in the job summary.

The Apple TV doesn't have a camera yet, so the listing is a bit suspicious. It's possible Apple was just using a catch-all description, but since we're also expecting a new Apple TV soon, the timing caught our attention.

9to5Mac reported recently that Apple is ready to release a new Apple TV in the coming months with more functions than ever. It may serve as a wireless router, it may provide a new user interface for browsing cable TV channels with a cable input, it may have a new focus on gaming and apps and, now, it's possible we'll also see a camera added. The function would be super useful, especially if you FaceTime across iPads, iPhones and Mac computers. It would also probably be relatively easy to add to the box, or as an add-on accessory.

Right now it's just a job listing, and it's possible we're reading too deep into the description, but we would certainly welcome a camera on Apple's next TV product.