iWatch C, Martin Hajek, 011

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said several times that Apple will enter new product categories this year. Most pundits believe that means an iWatch and a new Apple TV product are on the horizon, but Apple could surprise us all with something totally different. Either way, a new job posting discovered by AppleInsider shows yet again that Apple has something big up its sleeves.

A listing seeking an Instrumentation Design/NPI Engineer calls for someone who is capable of working on products across platforms, ranging from the Mac to the iPhone and iPad. The listing also says the person will work on "new platforms as of now unannounced."

Several reports have suggested that Apple's iWatch will have a health focus, and this engineer may spend some time on that project. The job listing says the right candidate will be able to "quickly innovate measurement and validation strategies," for "new technologies and physical phenomenon." The "measurement" part of that sentence is of particular interest to us since the iWatch is likely to include techniques for tracking movement and vital signs.

Apple's iWatch would indeed be a new platform, particularly if it runs a version of iOS or a new type of software entirely. The Apple TV already exists, though if its functions change to become more of a set-top box with an array of apps and gaming functions, that could qualify as a new platform as well. Both products are expected sometime this year.