A new report from The Korea Herald claims LG will likely supply flexible OLED displays for Apple’s rumored iWatch, citing an anonymous expert. The Korean newspaper claims LG is already mass producing flexible screens for both its own 6-inch G Flex smartphone and Apple’s rumored smartwatch.

Samsung and LG have both demonstrated that they can produce flexible displays, unveiling curved smartphones that make use of the new technology. However, The Herald claims Samsung opted out of supplying Apple with the material for its iWatch, instead hoping to use the new panels for its own devices. The article also notes that Cupertino will likely tap more than one provider for its displays, possibly partnering with RiTDisplay as well as LG.

Apple has yet to confirm it’s working on a smartwatch, but CEO Tim Cook has dropped some pretty big hints. Speaking at the AllThingsD D11 conference, he expressed interest in releasing a wearable device meant for your wrist. Speaking yesterday during the company’s quarterly earnings call, Cook dropped another clue, revealing the company would launch in several new product categories in 2014. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long before Apple comes clean and tells us what it’s working on.