Forbes on Thursday said Apple's fabled iWatch is a clear act of desperation, and that the company purposely leaked details to preempt rumors surrounding Samsung's own smart watch.

Information regarding upcoming Apple products is notoriously difficult to pin down, but not with the iWatch. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal both posted information on the upcoming project out of nowhere, while Bloomberg was even told there are around 100 people currently working on the project.

"The fact that more details than usual have appeared in American media indicates the likelihood that Apple is planting the story about iWatch," Forbes's Nigam Arora said. "The question is, 'Why is Apple departing from its past practice?' One theory is that Apple is acting out of desperation. Tim Cook has been talking about innovation but not many seem to believe him."

Whether or not Arora's claim is true we'll probably never know. We don't even know if Apple will indeed introduce a smart watch, no matter how much "leaked" information there is. I heard there's a big Samsung announcement coming on March 14; I wonder what Apple information will leak out before then.