In “Apple’s About to Shake Up the Tech Industry Again,” Todd Haselton makes a good point about the company’s knack for taking new or fledgling niches and rocketing them into the mainstream consciousness.

There’s a solid history of proof to back this up: MP3 players existed and were even mildly popular, but they didn’t become über-hot, trendy products until iPods hit the scene. The iPhone turned smartphones from business and geek gadgets into lifestyle devices. The company birthed a new, wildly successful industry by putting the word “apps” on everyone’s lips, and created an innovative App Store model that is still inspiring copy cats. And people thought Cupertino was crazy for introducing an iPad into a market that didn’t quite “get” tablets, and now countless articles ruminate over how it’s killing the traditional PC market.

Whether you love or hate the company, there’s no denying its legendary transformative effect on tech industries. Unfortunately, it hasn’t really disrupted anything for a couple of years now — which might as well be forever in technology circles. The time is definitely ripe for Cook&Co to make a bold move. (If they don’t, the hotness of the Apple brand runs a serious risk of cooling off.)

But what could it be? Based on what we’ve been seeing and covering, the two strong contenders are an iWatch and an iTV.

The company has been rumored to be working on a wearable tech initiative for quite some time, with the latest casting iWatch as just one component of a multi-faceted system capable of tracking wellness stats and other data. As an iOS-based platform, the system could also leverage Siri to control other user-facing features, like calling or texting.

Then there’s the iTV. This rumor picked up steam when Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he’d finally “cracked” how to approach an integrated smart TV, and there has been a windfall of analysis, supposed leaks and other stories since then. But is an Apple smart TV that’s interoperable with users’ other devices really on the menu?

Rather than tell you which one is more likely to arrive first, or what you’re supposed to want more, we’d like to hear from you: Given a choice, which one would you prefer to see come to market? Are you itching for an iWatch/wearable tech platform or an Apple iTV? Cast your vote, and then tell us why in the comments below.