The Apple iTV rumors took a turn to the bizarre on Wednesday when Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White published a note to investors suggesting that the iTV will launch with an "iRing." While the Apple iTV is still itself a rumor, White says checks with Asian suppliers show that Apple is working on an iRing that will allow consumers to control their television set with a single finger.

Here's what that doesn't make sense: devices such as the Microsoft Kinect already provide motion controls without the need for a ring or another easily lost accessory. Second, Apple's Siri voice engine provide more than enough control without the need for consumers to make gestures in the first place.

White also said he believes Apple will launch a 9.7-inch "mini TV." This is very likely just a piece of software for the iPad, but White is convinced it will serve as a secondary display to the iTV. "Essentially, we believe the 'mini iTV' screens will be able to capture content from the 60-inch 'iTV' across a distance of up to 200 meters, allowing a user to view 'iTV' content in the kitchen, washroom, garage, bedroom, backyard, etc.," White said in his note obtained by Apple Insider. "We believe Apple will offer one 'mini iTV' per 'iTV,' but package options will include up to four screens (i.e., one screen is part of the standard package and pay extra for each additional."

Apple's iTV is turning out to be one heck of a device. The latest rumors suggest it's also going to pack a 4K UHD display. Who's going to be able to afford all of this?