Apple has a lot of unicorn products in the works, but none more infamous than its heavily rumored iTV. As the story goes, the late Steve Jobs excitedly exclaimed he'd cracked the traditional TV model in favor of something much better. So naturally the rumor mill is full of reports suggesting Apple will release an actual TV, complete with revamped experience designed around Siri.

A fellow has taken the iTV buzz into the concept stage by creating a video demonstrating how everything could potentially look. Of course, a user would control the experience with an existing iOS device, where a traditional TV guide is displayed. From there, you can record shows and movies, get information on the program you're watching and ask Siri what films an actor has stared in.

The concept focuses on a lot of elements that would certainly make watching TV easier, and the video itself is done in typical Apple style. Everything seems like a natural addition to Apple TV, the company's little streaming box, and not necessarily a full-on physical television. But, at this point, it's really hard to know what direction would go in and if such a device even exists.