The Information reports Apple is prepping a new locally targeted ad initiative to launch inside iTunes Radio, which means your ads will change based on the location you're listening from. Apple is reportedly working with local radio stations in an effort to increase the available content, too Apple apparently wants to focus on non-music offerings, like talk radio, giving the streaming platform a wider depth. Just this week 9to5Mac reported that Apple would introduce new stations such as NPR and ESPN.

Apple previously introduced support for a single NPR station in March, but the expansion would bring that number to 42 local NPR channels. ESPN, meanwhile, would include shows such as SportsCenter All Night, The Herd, Mike & Mike and more. Apple's insistence to introduce a wider breadth of content is the company's effort to differentiate it from competitors such as Spotify and Pandora. With rumors iTunes Radio could receive its own standalone app in iOS 8, Apple will no doubt want all the available content it can get.

As for the ads, The Information claims Apple has failed to secure deals with major content broadcasters before, though the company has seemingly tied up the necessary partnerships for this initiative to go ahead. With any free service, ads are just an expected part of the equation; in iTunes Radio, advertisements have been there since the beginning, but the local angle would alert you to businesses deals in your area.