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Apple's iTunes Radio product manager Gareth Paul Jones recently said on Twitter that he is leaving Apple to join Twitter. He'll be joining the social network's ad partnership deals, TechCrunch said. Twitter is reportedly working to launch its own mobile ad network that could help it sell ads in third party app and on other sites, so it's possible Jones will be working on that team.

Jones worked as a product manager on the iTunes Radio team for a year and nine months according to his LinkedIn profile. He also worked as a product specialist and as a customer solutions engineer at Google, where he received a Founders Award in 2011.

iTunes Radio is still a relatively new product, so it's a bit surprising to see one of the product managers leave so quickly. The streaming music service was announced in June and made its debut in the public version of iOS 7 just last month. Despite being in its infancy, iTunes Radio is already taking market share away from Pandora.