iTunes 11 on MacBook Air, Pro

Is iTunes about to launch in Russia? Perhaps. Event invites have reportedly been sent to select individuals for a get-together in Moscow tomorrow, December 4th, that’s focused on Apple’s iTunes music, video and app service. The event will take place at GUM, in the Red Square, Tech Crunch said Monday, and invites were sent out by Apple’s official public relations team.

Our guess is that yes, this is an event to celebrate the launch of iTunes in Russia. Apple said it had originally planned to activate the service in October and then later said it would activate it in November. Both months have come and gone without the official launch. However, Apple is about to offer the iPhone 5 in Russia, so it could be a perfect tandem launch for both products.

Apple will need to gain traction first, however. TechCrunch said that the iPhone has a 2 percent penetration rate in the country and only 15.4 percent of the residents there carried smartphones as of the first quarter of 2012.

[via Tech Crunch]